Scan, collect, get rewarded!

Everyone loves regular customers, and everyone likes to receive gifts. Skidus is a truly mobile loyalty system, which is easy to use!

Loyalty stamp cards

Always in your pocket

Simple and quick!

Download the application to your smartphone and start using - no need to even register. When visiting your favourite place just scan the QR code on the counter and start collecting your rewards.

Available in Apple Store, Google Play.

Always in your pocket

Receiving bonuses for being a loyal customer should be simple. Use Skidus to get rid of punch cards and stickers in your wallet.

Get more

Receive more bonuses, find out about promotions and favourable conditions for loyal clients. Skidus will never annoy you with useless advertisements.

Our partners

We are very pleased with our partners - together we got this wonderful product made. Use Skidus when visiting these places!